Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Planning!

It is true, by far wedding trends and planning are being heavily influenced by the state of the economy. But don't let that get you down. There are so many ways to have your dream wedding on any budget. The silver lining is that this challenges and inspires couples to use creativity in all aspects of  their planning, from decor to the guest list. Thus, making their wedding more intimate and personal. Ultimately, that it is what it is all about anyway!
By far, the most memorable part of any wedding celebration are all the personal touches added by the bride and groom. From writing your own vows,  decorating with pictures and other personal items, to making your own centerpieces. The economy has lead to a shift in the Do It Yourself attitude. All the small details have so much meaning and at no additional cost.
 Start researching and gathering your ideas early on. Keep everything together. I encourage brides to use a multi divided folder with pockets. Label each tab with a wedding category, (flowers, photography, colors watches, etc.) Bring it everywhere. It is so helpful to have pictures and color swatches to go by in your meetings. Being organized is key to saving money on your wedding. Disorganization can cost you extra money and time. And time we all know is even more valuable than money.
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Happy Planning!

Kelly Houseworth

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