Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comiskey/Lee Wedding September 19, 2009

This wedding was near and dear to my heart. Erika and Greg have been clients of mine for over a year and when their wedding date finally approached, I have to say I was a little sad. It's the nature of the business though, that at some point you have to let your clients go!

Erika and Greg had their ceremony and reception at Kensington Court in Ann Arbor, MI. The main word I can think of when I look at the big picture of this wedding is, "lavish." There were tons and tons of flowers, the venue was classic and beautiful, the cake was regal and very tall, and the bride...simply gorgeous!
Because Erika was a client for so long, she got to book all my favorite vendors. John Rogers Photography, Sinfully Divine Cakes, Designs by Judy for flowers, and MidMichigan DJ's. These are my power players, and boy did they ever show up!! John never ceases to amaze me how he can take hundreds of photos and never really get in your way, to the point you forget he's even snapping photos. Sinfully Divine Cakes outdid themselves with a 4 tier cake adorned with pearl accents and piping. Designs by Judy had a gorgeous garland that wrapped around the pergola, not to mention the great centerpieces that the bride handpicked herself. MidMichigan DJ's did the music for both the ceremony and reception and once they started the party up, I don't think I saw the dancefloor empty once!

To add to the occassion, I was joined by our new Western Michigan Director, Kelly Houseworth, who was like my right arm, and my own husband, Andrew Hughes officiated the service. I was so proud of both of them!
Above all the pomp and circumstance, I loved watching this couple interact. They have that "thing" that a lot of people search for all of their lives. They are truly best friends and soul mates. They compliment each other so well, and I wish them the very best in their marriage!


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