Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zettel/Hughes Wedding

This past weekend was near and dear to my heart. My brother-in-law married the love of his life and now I've gained a sister-in-law that I adore.

This couple loves nature and they have a love for the city...Detroit in particular. So to combine the two, they were married on Belle Isle at the Conservatory. Each room in the Conservatory had a different theme. One had ferns, another cacti, another was tropical. Very cool...well actually it was HOT HOT HOT, but it was definitely different and interesting and lovely.

To add to the unique event and being true to their heritage, the groom and groomsmen all wore kilts to honor their Scottish ancestors. Strangers asked the age old question about a man in a kilt (I'll never tell what they told me!) and the wedding party was asked to stop for pictures at the Ren Cen (where hte wedding party was picked up by the limo) and all over Belle Isle.

The reception took place at the Edison Boat Club right on the Detroit River. As I entered the building to take the wedding parties' "stuff" to their table, I was greeted by Daniel. He had bright blonde spikey hair and very hip glasses and a huge smile on his face. He told me that he was the cake artist and wanted to make sure that the bride would love the cake because he had never met her before. Let me tell you...this cake was GORGEOUS! He even helped me out later in the night when we realized that the cake server had never made it to the reception hall. What a life saver!! Then to top it off, this cake was so moist and so wonderful, and he probably made way too much...but who's going to complain about too much cake!? Not me!! If I get a picture of it, I'll repost it on here!

The reception was great! The centerpieces were made from rocks and greenery all made by the groom. The food was fantastic and the staff at the Edison Boat Club was prompt and very helpful. My husband (Best Man) made a special wine for the wedding that WILL taste good closer to Thanksgiving, but it was still a bit too "young" to taste great by the time the wedding got here. Sometimes it's the thought that really does count!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Allen/Magee wedding

This past weekend my mom (and business partner) and I coordinated the Allen/Magee wedding in Jackson, MI. The setting was Chad Magee's family farm. We all feared there would be rain, but the sun actually began to show when the ceremony began.

Chad and Natalie did their own version of a sand ceremony that I found unique and very sweet. They had each guest pour some sand into the cylinder (purple sand for girls and green sand for boys to go along with the color scheme) and then during the ceremony, the bride and groom added in the finishing touch of their own sand to symbolize their lives coming together as one.

After the ceremony there was a cocktail hour and the guests were provided hors d'oeuvres of fresh veggies, brie, crabcakes, etc. Dinner was then served by Daryl's Downtown and as always, it was beyond delicious. We love their mashed potatoes, so I can't even begin to tell you how good their prime rib and chicken with apricot chutney tastes!

After dinner, the toasts were made and the band tuned up. The Sun Messengers out of Detroit are a 10 piece band that are worth every penny! They had people dancing on the floor until midnight where the couple was sent off with sparklers.

It was a great wedding and it was enjoyed by all that attended. I want to say a special thanks to Amanda Fales Shaw and her husband Andy. They did the photos for the wedding and were fun and innovative and stayed on my timeline, which always makes me happy!! haa haa!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1st Blog Ever!

Upon launching our new website, my sister suggested blogging and tweeting. I never thought of myself as a "blogger," but for my company, I will do it! So over time you will see my event planners and myself posting information that will give you tips for your own events, laughs from our experiences, and some tricks along the way that might help you in your every day life.

In our first full official year of business, we have expanded into the Detroit area and Chicago area. We never would have imagined growing so quickly, so for the natural planner, it's always exciting when something comes your way that you didn't already have planned out for yourself. With a new logo and new website, we feel more equipped to take on the large and competitive Chicago market that awaits us!

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Trust us - there's never a dull moment in event planning!

The Newly Revised Website Is Alive & Well!!

Leave It To Us Planning, headquartered in Jackson, MI and locations throughout Michigan and Chicago, has just launched our remodeled website...Please check it out! Visit today and see how we can help you with your next event!
From a lavish corporate black-tie affair to a quaint backyard wedding to a roaring graduation party, Leave It To Us Planning will help you make it a great, affordable and memorable event!

We will be posting our blogs with helpful "Tricks and Tips," topics of interest, insights from past events and anything else relevant and fun that we hope you will find helpful as you start thinking about your next event.